Pet Medical Services

VMC of Caldwell offers various specialized pet medical services for


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. 


Even when your pet is healthy, Veterinary Diagnostic Labs are an important part of keeping them in the best possible condition. We offer a full in house lab when immediate results are needed and contract with the largest veterinary diagnostic lab.  Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can contribute to your animal’s optimal health.


 Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. Acupuncture is used to treat inflammation, paralysis, pain and a variety of other conditions.  Call to schedule a consultation with our board certified acupuncturist.


To increase pain relief and healing we use our therapeutic laser, a non-invasive tool that emits varying frequencies of light. This light travels through the skin and muscle tissue to stimulate the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation.


We are equipped with state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment.  Examples include digital xrays, digital dental xrays and ultrasound.  Most of our ultrasounds are performed by board certified specialists.

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