Pet Wellness
in Caldwell, NJ

At Veterinary Medical Center of Caldwell, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and quality care to help pets live their best lives. We take a unique approach to your pet’s healthcare by focusing on preventative medicine and client education. The preventative medicine approach entails annual comprehensive pet wellness exams, customized vaccination plans, routine laboratory testing, and year-round parasite prevention for dogs and cats. Consistent and frequent visits to our animal hospital help your veterinarian detect and treat any potential health issues before they progress.

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Puppy, Kitten, and Senior Pet Wellness Programs

Ensuring Your Pet’s Health

The team at VMC of Caldwell is dedicated to your pet’s health, comfort, and longevity. Our veterinary clinic team ensures your pet’s health by utilizing the following approaches in Caldwell:

A comprehensive pet wellness exam is imperative for the veterinarian to evaluate and understand your pet’s overall health and condition.

A physical exam includes:

  • An eye exam with an ophthalmoscope
  • An ear exam with an otoscope
  • A heart exam with a stethoscope
  • An evaluation of other body systems including teeth, skin, coat, vital signs, body condition, and joints
  • Palpation of the abdomen

On average, veterinary physical exams produce three additional health concerns that require additional medical care. Some common health concerns found upon examination include pain, stiffness, dental disease, obesity, infections, and more.

Laboratory testing, such as urinalysis and/or blood testing, are recommended on a yearly basis. Routine monitoring of lab testing can alert the veterinarian to new or existing health concerns, or potentially threatening internal organ trends. Many common diseases, if caught early enough, can be managed easily at home through dietary changes or environmental modifications. Routine laboratory screenings can help us detect and treat diseases as early as possible.

Our facility offers thorough diagnostics and treatment plans to detect and treat internal health concerns. We are equipped with advanced cardiac diagnostic ultrasound and a network of board-certified specialists available for consultation.

Common examples of internal medicine issues include:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney/Urinary disease
  • Internal infections
  • Cancer
  • Diseases of the liver
  • Diseases of the gallbladder
  • Endocrine System issues (ie. diabetes, adrenal, thyroid)
  • Heart disease

In addition to high-quality veterinary medical care inside the animal hospital, an important aspect of pet wellness is proper home care. Our veterinarians work together with pet owners to answer any questions and provide guidance to help pets live their longest and happiest lives.  

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